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Servicio de información

You will find information on how to use our overall service and chart templates If you download the instruction file below.

Download the Instruction >>

Check your spam box or your mail option to see if it is set blocked.

For PPT templates, you have to open a pptx file with MS OFFICE Software PowerPoint. When you complete this task, you can edit the document as you want.
For Google Slide templates, you can use the Presentation software provided by Google to use the templates you downloaded.
For the Keynote templates, you need to download the app from the MAC hardware.

You can list the templates of your ♥(Save Slides) clicks by category in the ‘My Account > Wish List’.

The list information for the templates of your ♥(Save Slides) clicks will be saved for one year.

Once the paid membership period has expired, you will not be able to use the paid templates from the Slide Members site.
However, you can continue to use the templates that have been downloaded and stored on your personal device during the paid period.

Slide Members are creating and uploading new templates every day so that you can use a variety of templates.
You can see the newly posted templates weekly on the Updates of Today menu.

Updates of Today

Slide Members service is a fixed fee membership service that charges a differentiated fee for each term contract. However, 6,000 templates are available free of charge from the Free Slides menu. In addition, we also offer an event to open new paid templates for free use every day.

Slide Members are offering a variety of templates online, including PowerPoint Templates, Google Slides, and Keynote.
It is a service that helps users save time in creating documents and make it easier by using the standardized templates of Slide Members.


The number of downloads will not be deducted when downloading again within 3 days (72 hours) of the initial downloading time.

You can view, by category, the templates you downloaded during your membership period in the My Account > Downloads.
The list information for the downloaded templates will be stored for one year.

Some 6,000 templates from the Free Slides menu are always available for free download.
And there is an event in progress that allows you to download the paid templates for free.

Download limitations for each membership period are as follows.
1 day : 5 cases
1 week: : 25 cases per month
1 year, Monthly : no download limit for a day and a year


You can delete your account at ‘My account > Delete My Account’ page.
Select an option from Why are you deleting your account? And re-enter your password. 


Please note that refund or restoration is not possible since your payment information will be permanently removed.

Please contact Support Team if you are on a monthly subscription which is still ongoing.

Click on the Forget Password and enter your email. Then, we’ll send you a link for password change in an email.
Click the link in the email and reset your password. Then, you'll be ready to use it

You can change your name and password in the My Account > Profile Update.
However, your email cannot be changed.

Yes, you can switch.
After you log in, click the ‘Upgrade Membership’ in ‘My Account’ and pay for one year, which will add a year from the 1 week expiration date and allow unlimited downloads of all templates for all the extended period. .
However, the conversion process can only be applicable before the paid member period expires, and the conversion settlement cannot be applied after the payment period.

Slide Members ofrece tres planes de membresía: gratuito, básico y premium.


Membresía básica

Duración: suscripción de 1 día y 1 semana

Acceso: Descargas limitadas de todo el contenido excepto materiales Premium


Membresia premium

Duración: suscripción mensual de 1 año y 1 mes

Acceso: Descargas ilimitadas de las plantillas premium de todos los miembros de Slide


La membresía gratuita está disponible para aquellos que quieran probar el servicio antes de comprometerse con un plan pago.


1. Please re-login again to use our service after completing your purchase.
2. If it doesn’t work after re-login, please restart your browser and delete your internet cookies.

* How to delete cookies from your browser : https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-delete-cookies-2617981
- Chrome : Tools > Clear browsing data > Select the Cookies and other site data checkbox > All time > Clear data
- Safari :
  Mac Safari > Preferences > Action > Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data > Remove All > Remove now
  Window Action > Preferences > Privacy > Remove All Website Data > Remove All > Remove now|
- Firefox : Open > Options > Privacy & Security > Cookies and Site Data > Clear > Cookies and Site Data > Clear
- Internet Explorer : Tools > Internet options > Browsing history > Delete > Check Cookies and website data > Delete > OK
- Microsoft Edge : Alt+F > Settings > Privacy and services > Choose what to clear > Check Cookies and other site data > Clear now

3. If your membership doesn’t switch to the paid membership immediately after payment.

Depending on our payment approval process, it may take time to be processed within 1 hour. Please wait for a while and re-login again.


If you are unable to download the content after trying above two methods, please contact our customer service.

You can apply for a refund within 7 days after payment of the service fee.
If you send your refund reason and account information through the ‘Contact Us’, we will get you an immediate refund as soon as any problem with the service or the contents itself is confirmed.
However, because it is digital content, you cannot get the refund if there is a history of downloading.

You can pay the service charge by credit card.
You can use VISA, MASTER cards.

After you have logged in to your paid member's account, click the Invoice button on the My Account page and request for a receipt.
You can receive it by an email within one to two days.

☞ To request for Invoice


Slide Members are services that provide various template materials such as PPT Templates, Google Slide, and Keynote.
Therefore, we do not guarantee the timing and legal accuracy of all documents. We encourage you to use it as a resource for quick and easy documentation.

You have the right to use the downloaded content and can be used for personal and commercial purposes. Meanwhile, unauthorized commercial use, distribution, and sale of content is prohibited.