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Slide Description

This is a presentation design template featuring various illustrations related to working from home. It can be used effectively and conveniently in various industries related to working from home.
  • Professional business presentation
  • Easy to edit and customize
  • Easy to change colors
  • Data charts (editable via Excel)
  • Shapes: fully editable vector graphics
  • Landscape orientation style

Table of Contents

The ultimate guide to Working from home
The work from home checklist
Work From Home Jobs, Employment
Work at Home After Covid-19
Guide to working from home
The essentials of Telecommuting
Broadband and Telecommuting
Tips for working from home
Working Remotely and Telecommuting
Benefits of working From home
Broadband and Telecommuting
Ways to stay connected While working From home
Benefits of working From home
Benefits of Telecommuting
Work at Home After Covid-19
Video conferencing Apps for your smartphone
Smart Phone with Option List
Diagram & Chart Set
Mockup Slide
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