Salzburg Festival Easy PowerPoint Design

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Slide Description

A template about attractions and music festivals in Salzburg, created for the centenary of Austria's famous Salzburg Festival. It was a gorgeously held festival, and the design was done using saturated neon colors.
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Table of Contents

What Future For Salzburg Festivals?
Festival Program
Festival City Salzburg
Music and Theatre in Salzburg
Perfect Day in Salzburg, Austria
Travel Guide to Salzburg City of Culture
Salzburg Festival
Orchestra Festival
Festival Program
History of Salzburg Festival
What Will Happen to the Salzburg Festival?
Salzburg Festival Fact & Figures
The Pandemic Prevention Plan About the Salzburg Festivals
Who Made the Salzburg Festival Famous?
How Long is the Salzburg Festival?
Tickets & Dates the Salzburg Festival
Diagram & Chart Set
Mockup Slide
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