Neumorphism Ver. Mental Health Business Pitch Deck

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  • Subject : Neumorphism Ver. Mental Health
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Slide Description

This is a PPT template created using shapes with a neumorphic effect on the theme of mental health. You can create materials that help with mental health, such as self-check lists.
  • 100% vector objects & icons
  • Created by professionals
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Table of Contents

Mental Health Treatment
Help Mental Health Awareness
Mental Health Check List
How to look after your Mental Health
How to improve Mental Health
Type of Mental Health Problems
Take a Mental Health Test
Mental Health Experience
Why Mental Health is so Important?
How to improve Mental Health
Make your Mind your Priority
Mental Health Condition
How to overcome Depression
Dealing with Negative Thoughts
Mental Health Condition
Way to Prevent Mental Illness
Prevent Mental Illness&Improve Mental Health
How to look after your Mental Health
Facts about Mental Health
Mental Health Foundation
Mental Health
Mental Health & Wellness
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