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Slide Description

This PowerPoint template was created to celebrate Thanksgiving. We used various infographics using the autumn-like orange color as the main color.
  • Easy editable data driven charts (pie, bar, line)
  • Easy to customize without graphic design skills
  • Premade color variation
  • Professionally designed infographic templates

Table of Contents

What is Thanksgiving?
The Various Meanings Of Thanksgiving
Holiday about Thanksgiving!
History of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving has Walked
Abundant Harvest In Autumn
The Beginning Of Autumn And Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Today
Thanksgiving Day Typical Food
Aesthetic Thanksgiving
Typical Food is Turkey
Thanksgiving Value
Thanksgiving Analysis
Why we Celebrate?
Various Meanings of Appreciation
Delivering Thanks to Your God
Origin of Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Value
Historical Experience Traditional Festivals
Thanksgiving Activities
Thanksgiving Traditions
Thanksgiving Infographic
How To Enjoy Thanksgiving
The Changed Thanksgiving Culture
Thanksgiving Analysis
Thanksgiving Ceremony
Various Festivals and Events
Thanksgiving Task
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