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Slide Description

This template is in strong red color and is great for Japanese-travel related business. It contains slides with various illustrations and images related to Japan. Check out this colorful presentation design!
  • Modern, simple, and clean design
  • Built-in custom color palette
  • Data charts (editable via Excel)
  • Presentation photos are included;
  • 16:9 aspect ratio

Table of Contents

Why do we celebrate Easter with eggs?
What is the story of Easter?
Easter Egg Decoration
Easter Egg Meaning
The Holy Easter
Make an Easter Egg
Easter Egg Decoration Art
The Easter Egg Artists
Why Easter is Called Easter
What was Easter in the Bible?
Easter with Eggs
When is Easter 2020
What is the real Meaning of Easter?
Do you Hide Real Eggs on Easter?
Diagram & Chart Set
Mockup slide
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