Thank you for using Slide Members (https://www.slidemembers.com).

These Terms and Conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") shall be applied to your use of the website https://www.slidemembers.com (hereafter referred to as "the Website") that Yesform Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as "the Company") is operating.
Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the service. If you agree to these terms, you may use the service.

The Company encourages you to review the Terms and Conditions periodically, as it may revise them at any time. The dates at the end of these Terms and Conditions indicate that of the latest updates to these Terms and Conditions, which shall be effective from the date of issue.

1. Services

The services are available in PowerPoint, Google Slide, and Keynote formats on the website, which provides visual content such as diverse and professional templates, diagrams, charts, data charts, maps, infographics as well as the related information. All the Slide Members contents are downloadable from the website.

2. Membership subscription

To use the service, you should create your user name and password and activate the account. To do this, you should provide a valid email address to receive notifications related to the service. If you are a corporation or business entity, the user name should be a full name or company name.

You shall agree to provide the necessary information for registration and acknowledge that the information is true, complete and current. It is solely your responsibility to keep the information current. If you provide false or incomplete information or the Company has the reason to suspect that the information may be false or incomplete, the Company shall have the right to suspend or cancel your account.

You must protect your account password and keep it confidential and do not disclose it to third parties except for where legally required. You should not allow another user to access the service through your account or to use a different user's account to access the service.

You shall be responsible, by all means, for all operations performed through your account. You must notify the Company immediately if you suspect that another user is using your account.

The Company may suspend or cancel your account if the Company believes that you have violated these terms and conditions.

3. Payment

To sign up for membership and pay the usage fee, you must follow the guidelines set forth on this website. You can pay the fee via PayPal or a credit/debit card as stated on the website.
Processing of payment information and data via PayPal or credit/debit card will be done within the third party site.

* Pay via PayPal

You can pay using your PayPal account. If you do not have your PayPal account, you can pay by credit/debit card via PayPal. The company will not be liable for any additional charge that may occur from the PayPal services.

PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
Your card information will never be transmitted or stored to the Company’s server.
The payment currency will be US dollars.

* Card payment (credit/debit card)

The payment will be made securely by credit card, debit card or Internet banking through CCAvenue Security Server.

Visa and MasterCard can be used currently for the payment.
Your card information on the users will never be transmitted or stored to the Company’s server.

Your order details and corresponding invoices can be seen in your account.

4. Cancellation right and refund

You can apply for a refund within 7 days after payment of the service fee. If you send the refund reason and your account information through the ‘Contact Us’, the Company will get you an immediate refund as soon as any problem with the service or the contents itself is confirmed.
However, because it is digital content, the cancellation right shall not apply if there is a download history, unless the warranty specified in applicable consumer regulations is violated.

5. Responsibilities and exemptions

The Company shall not responsible for any damage that may occur due to the following :

- In the event that a failure of your equipment, not equipment of the Company, occurs due to viruses, technical problems, interference, omissions, non-availability, power failure, communication network, etc.
- In the event that web site service delay or inactivity occurs due to the internet failure, communication network or power failure or traffic overloads.
- In the event the web site operation and service pause temporarily due to maintenance or software updates.

6. Intellectual properties.

The website services, copyrights, designs, and intellectual property rights provided by the Slide Members shall be belonged or licensed to the Company.

You may not modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute or create derivative works based on this Content unless you have been specifically told that you may do so by the Company.

The matters presented below are strictly prohibited, and the Company is not responsible for any disputes related to this or disputes with a third party arising from the use of the content.

* Prohibited

① Registration and sale of intellectual property rights of creations created secondary by processing contents.
② Extract and use only the source such as the image used in the content.
③ Images and infographics used in the content cannot be separated for design works other than for presentation purposes.
④ The purchased content cannot be used as a logo, symbol, trademark, service mark, trademark, etc.

7. Privacy Policy

The Company uses your personal information according to our privacy policy. Please read this agreement carefully because it contains important information about how the Company collect and use your information.


Providing the website your email address consents to the website’s use of such to send you service-related notices, such as those required by law, in lieu of communication via postal mail. Your email address may also be used to send you other messages such as changes to Service Features and/or special offers via our Newsletter. The website reserves the right to determine the form and means of providing notifications to registered users. It is not responsible, however, for any automatic filtering that you or your network provider may apply to notifications sent to the email address provided to the website.

8. Dispute Settlement

In the event that you and the Company are involved in a dispute over the terms and conditions, the Company will address the issue by applying the Korean National Law of the Republic of Korea, a region where the company operates the web site according to the law.

Please contact the Company at the following address if you have any questions regarding Slide Members service.

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ver. 2.0 (19/04/2021)
ver. 1.0 (01/07/2019)

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